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Digging in, fork first! Food and drink in Narthaki, by Stephanie Stepanyk


Food and drink in Narthaki take up an important part of the time I spent here. Every meal consisted of good food and good drinks as our entire family here squished close together at the same table. In the morning, as the group arrives at the apothiki -our work place – we all help set up chairs around the breakfast table. Colette and Laura descend from the stairs above, coffee thermos cans in hand. After everyone has sat down with their coffee or tea, Margriet pulls up as she returned from the bakery with freshly bakes pastries. Breakfast in Greece has been a wonderful onslaught of pastries, stuffed with equally wonderful surprises; feta and tomato, custards, chocolate.

At the dinner table

At the dinner table

As we wind down the day after siesta, the students converge at the Ouzeri for frappé’s. The cool iced coffee is welcomed heartily after a hard day in the hot Greek sun after washing pottery. It is a popular drink throughout Greece and it pairs nicely with the readings we have yet to do.

Frappé (metrio me gala)

Frappé (metrio me gala)

The sun shrinks further into the landscape and we sit down in the taverna for supper. The atmosphere welcomes you to mixture of laughter and food. I sit down, and my neighbor pours me a local drink. Across from me John gets some snacks that sometimes come before the meal and complement our drinks. Narthaki is a small town, that produces much of its own food and wine. Karey joked lightheartedly one night how the chicken we were eating came from the yard, and how you showed it respect by eating them with your bare hands! Fresh feta and tomato, pepper and cucumber salad start off the meal and we are all in a frenzy. I couldn’t tell you how many times people have told me “Greece ruins fresh food for you once you go back home”. I can see why, the taste is fresh and crisp and is complemented perfectly with the oil and spices.

Kotopoulo me patates (the salads already finished)

Kotopoulo me patates (the salads are already finished)

Our group gets a bit rowdier as it gets later, and that’s usually when the food comes… Once again we cannot wait, we charge in fork first! The meals here have been a delight, and sometimes a surprise. The spaghetti in cinnamon sauce sounded a bit off at first, but in reality was a beautifully balanced dish. The buttered artichoke hearts melted in your mouth, and to my surprise I was informed that they took all day to make the dish. The locals put their all into the food here, and it’s an amazing experience to have this food paired lovely with these new friends. I’d like to thank the wonderful people in Narthaki for making my stay amazing and keeping my belly full.

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    Great piece of writing.

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